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Anthurium Potted Plant

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  •  An Anthurium growing in your garden or home will reward you with wonderful, long lasting flowers as it is a stunning and unique houseplant for the plant lover. Anthiriums are also known as the tail flower, flamingo flower and laceleaf. It is native to the Americas therefore likes a warm and bright climate, although it cannot tolerate direct light as it can burn the plant.
  • Anthuriums have been shown to help remove formaldehyde, xylene and ammonia from household air.
  • Plant Care - Anthurium plants don’t like their soil continually moist so make sure you don’t over water. Only water your anthurium when the soil is dry to the touch, once a week is usually enough. The plant is susceptible to root rot, so if there is too much water the roots can die. If you allow the plant to become too dry in a pot, it will slow down its growth and the rootball will be difficult to re-wet. If the rootball becomes too dry in the pot, soak the pot the anthurium plant is in for an hour to re-hydrate it. Anthiriums are easy care plants, once you have the plant in the right soil and the right location, watering is simple.

    The flowers pictured are an indication on the flowers and colour combination. Please keep it in mind that flowers are a natural product, and change in seasons and availability, the flowers wont be exactly as pictured. If there are particular flowers that you would not like used, or want to customize your order, please get in touch with us, or let us know in the delivery instructions section at the checkout.

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  • We are members of INTERFLORA which means we can arrange for your flowers and gifts to be delivered all over New Zealand and the rest of the world 

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