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Flowers for the Home or Office - cut flowers

Flowers for the Home or Office - cut flowers

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Do you love having fresh flowers in the house or office to brighten up each day? Who would enjoy this service:

  • A great treat for yourself
  • Perfect for real estate agents
  • A great gift to brighten up your parents if they are in an aged care facility
  • A nice way to let your parent/friend/family member know you are thinking of them if you are away from home

It will look something like this:

Click on the options to see an example of the type of flower or the arrangement sizes and styles. The bouquets will vary from month to month or week to week depending on which flowers and foliage are available in that season. Please let us know in the notes if there are certain styles you would like.

If you would just like to buy cut flowers, anytime we offer a wholesale price for bunches, direct from the flower market

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